Premium Roofing System
This is a high quality roofing system with unlimited design. Each roof is individually hand-made by highly skilled craftsmen, catering to individual preferences. The roofing system adds to the aesthetic value of the building giving it a very prestigious outlook.

Concealed Fixing System
This system incorporates a unique fixing technique which ensures water tightness and eliminates water-ingress giving the roof a clean and smooth finish. The usgae of special stainless steel ceoncealed sliding clips allows for the thermal expansion and contraction of the roofing sheets according to the temperature change.

Specially Designed for Thermal & Acoustic Requirements
Individual roofs can be designed to cater for acoustic and sound reduction requirements. Thermal needs of the building are also taken into consideration when designing the system.

Flexibility in Design
The roofing system can be deisgned to produc curved, concaved, tapered and any unique form as required by architects or clients.